donderdag 14 juli 2011

I want my telepathy back!!

Ever since i started down (up?) the path as a lightworker, people want to know how i got into this work.
Sometimes i tell them the number of ears ago when i started doing actual workshops and courses. Sometimes i say i was about 12, when i was looking for the meaning of life and tried to find it in the ''Paranormal and Esoteric'' section of the library. And sometimes i simply say...all my life.
All of those are true.

When i was a young girl, i don't remember how old i was so i was probably very young, i felt this vague sense of 'something' that 'had been taken away' from me. The words failed me, but i clearly remember something was not whole, something was missing.
I found it hard work to understand people and for them to know me. As if i knéw that at one time this had been less difficult.
I knew that this was not to be talked about, it was hard enough to fit in as it was.

But the feeling obviously nagged on, why else would i have wondered of into that section of the library...reading stuff i didnt comprehend, but was fascinated with. Specially E.S.P (Extra-sensory perception) cought my attention.
I knéw that i once owned that...i knew it was obtainable!
Telekinises was another one...ofcourse i knew that..ofcourse i had mastered that! So i put a tiny piece of cottonwool on a coin under a i could not fool myself, and tried to move the cotton..with my mind.
I was mad and frustrated and dissapointed...couldn't stand not being able.
I didnt understand, why could i remeber, but not regain?

A few years ago i was at a friends house. She had a horse that had injured its leg. I put my hands on the horse and waited for my hands to work.
Ofcourse that was quite an odd thought, for what did i want my hands to do? What 'work' should they do?
So, that started me on a journey to find ways to regain my abilities. Through the wonders of fabulous modules, courses, workshops, meetings, countless miraculous meditations and ofcourse magical people to help me on my path, i now feel that these abilities are alive and obtainable.
I could  move that piece of cottonwool...if i could only stop the thinking about it being impossible. (i'll get there..i'm sure)
I knów for a fact that my hands can now guide healing energies and i am greatfull for that.
But the most magical must be the connection to my I AM presence, because that is the way i can listen to your I AM presence...and that is really close to to my wish...i want my telepathy back!

I am gratefull.

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