maandag 4 juli 2011

Strange times...

have you felt it too? Have you had visits from the the shape of old pain coming to visit? Agaín?
The bullies that bullied you at school? The remarks you mother used to make? The signals your father used to give you? The teachers that used to belittle you? Friends that let you down in a big way?

Believe me..its in the air! We all seem to be going through this, and the ones that are not go through this áre probably going through it but are not aware and just seem to be in a rotten mood, or are depressed.
The good news however is that all this shit comes by for the last time. There is no need to carry it with you anymore!
So, don't let it drag you need to wonder why it comes need to work on old stuff again, no reason for therapy, no reason to even think about it twice! Whatever comes up...just say hello..and then say farewell!!

A way to help yourself do this can be visualisation. Imagine getting a big as you think you will need (a lorry if you need it!) and fill it up with that old crap. No need to specify or define any of it...just shovel the shit into the bag...pack it all in!! Fill it up until you are all done with the cleaning up and clearing out...then look at the bag beside you...look at all that you dragged with you form the story of your past. This whole big pile of not yours anymore! Then all you need to take one step away from it. One step. Cause if you can do one step...its easy to do step is all you need to be on your way. Your way away from your story.

Have a great step at a time...or run if you want to!! Have fun!!!!

Wish you all a great day!

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