vrijdag 29 juli 2011


The sun (yes...believe it or not, it really there though we are having not much of a summer at the moment) is very active again. Big sunspots crackeling with activity. The past days we have been experiencing the coronal mass ejections, not directed at earth but they are interfering with our magnetic field anyway.
And, more important, there is a sunspot (number 1260 to be precise) that harbours x-class flares and these will be directed at earth, so they will hit the magnetospere with all their power.
These are no secrets, you can read it all on www.spaceweather.com.

What it doesn't say, is how this effects us.
And thats understandable because nobody is really sure of the effect of the magnetospere on us. The solar activity, the flares, the magnetics...its all a bit of a mystery.

Simply put, the ejections seem kinda like a direct download of 'knowledge' but not knowledge for the leftbrain like we are used to. Its more like a 'knowing' for the leftbrain. A pooring of intuition.

Thats giving a lot of people a headache...it can give pressure on your (left) brain and that will be percieved as a headache.
Some people feel irritable, jittery, nervous for (seemingly) no reason.
So...now you know. What to do with this information? Cause the activity will be increasing..

Most important thing is realising that this is all part of the ascensionprocess, and that it speeds things along. So, percieve it as a good thing.
Set your intention to receive what comes from the sun. (not resist)
Be like bamboo....bow and bend with the flow of the flare..

And..if nothing else works, get a bottle of wodka, get completely plastered ..at least you understand why you feel lousy!!


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