zondag 13 november 2011

Energy 11-11-11 and now...


Been meditating and workshopping at 11-11-11?
I have and it was fantastic! Magical! Portals opened up, waves came and went, pain came up and was looked in the eye.
On facebook and in emails i read that many people experience pain in their stomache area, back and head and they can't get rid of the pain.
I'm not a docter and certainly not all knowing (well...almost haha) but i have some advice that might be of use to someone.

During the workshop we clearly felt portals, gateways opening up.
If you seek this transformation only outside yourself, you might forget to conciously, with clear intention to open these portals within yourself. (as without so within)
Then, things don't flow, blockages arrise, pressure builds and pain is created.
So open up your chakra's , front ánd back ...if need be, do it out loud, with movement, with rituals, whatever you need to be clear that energy is in motion!
This energy is nog foreign to you..you ARE that energy!
However thick the wall may be that you built around you...even that wall is energy!
Keep it in motion, let it go where it wants to go, because where ever it goes, it is good.
You are always good.


There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

'Leonard Cohen'

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