dinsdag 15 november 2011

Get unstuck!

Now is the time to get unstuck!
Last weekend the gates where opened, and as i said in my last blog...not everyone was able to let go...many felt energy build-ups in their chakra's..it felt like pressure, resulting in aches and paines and stuck emotions.
Open your chakra's anyway you know how..ask, google, feel you way through it!
Need a bigger motion? One huge swoop of letting go? NOW is the time!

The sun is mirroring our emotional state again, its is leading the way...after the biggest build up of a string of energy this weekend, bigger then even seen before by sun-stronomers, with huge walls of magnetic plasma...last night a huge chunk of that just went WHOOSH into the universe!
Directed away from earth, away from us.
I'll quote Jim Self once again; '' thoughts are electrical, emotions are magnetic''.
So the magnetic plasma whooshing off....is mirrored by the opportunity for us to whoosh our emotions away aswell! Set them free..don't hold them in...let it all out!!
And since the discharge was away from the earth, we should take the suns lead, and not direct our discharge at eachother either!!

Just let go with ease, with love..in joy.


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