zondag 4 maart 2012

Expansion NOW (English)


As i said a few weekes ago, when we were is a state of compression (thus the headaches and cramps and pains) we are now in an expanding stadium...since the 29th we are feeling space and opportunity and growth on all sides.
Many many people are trying new stuff, in their buisness, in their personal life, their art...going forward, making use of the new space that allows itself to be filled.
(me too...started a facebook group..Kosmos Now...wanne join?)

And as these things go...a lot of people are expanding through physicallity and get ill...and since there is new space to be filled, they are flowing in all directions...having fevers, flue, dizzyness, stomachproblems...not at all like the compression ailments.

And ofcourse the activity around our sun is again my teacher in this. The past week there were many many flares, but all of em directed away form us, at the far side of the sun. (though on the 2nd the was one at the side of the sun and that does effect us in a more direct way)
Scientists say that it doesnt touch the Earth, but energetically that ofcourse is bogus. Ofcourse it touches us, even if we can't see it.
One could even say...since we can't see it..it probably touches things in us that we didn't see.

What did you not see before? And may now be showing you all that potential? All the new possibilities?
Keep weaving at the tappistry of life...with all the threads intertwined...and make it a colourfull one!!


ps; a little prediction? The coming week we will have at least one big flare directed at us! Thats great energy! Use it well!

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